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Relationship counselling in Rotorua

Are you looking for a relationship counsellor in Rotorua?

I have a lot of experience with couples and marriage counselling.

If you are experiencing relationship issues with your partner, it can be beneficial to meet with a professional.

I will work with both of you to help you to hear each other and to gain clarity on the difficulties you are experiencing and how these difficulties can be overcome. I will help improve communication between you, and together we will find a way forward.

I am experienced in working with individual clients and couples on a wide range of issues.

relationship counselling

Relationship Issues

You’re welcome with relationship issues such as:

✓ Adultery, affair, infidelity
✓ Autonomy in relationship
✓ Communication problems
✓ Cultural differences
✓ Divorce

✓ Fear of abandonment
✓ Insecure in relationship
✓ Intimacy issues
✓ Relationship anxiety
✓ Relationship fights

Are you experiencing relationship issues in a relationship? Feel free to send me a message.

Counsellor, Registered with NZAC

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